Pinole Valley Park Soccer Field Pinole Valely Park Parking Lot
Pinole Valley Park is nestled in the densely wooded Pinole Valley on the former hacienda site of Ygnacio Martinez, commandant of the SF Presidio in the early 1800s. At 231 acres, Pinole Valley Park is Pinole's largest park and, in addition to a soccer field, includes a baseball field, basketball court, play area and dog park. A popular field with the West Contra Costa Youth Soccer League, it is heavily used both by the League for officially scheduled games and by adults for unscheduled pick-up soccer games. Over the years the patchwork of repairs needed to maintain the field for League use created an uneven play surface, resulting in poor field drainage. The soccer field parking lot pavement was broken and uneven from tree surface roots and was need of replacement and reconfiguration. Our soccer field renovation design included additional field drainage, new field turf and perimeter fencing, and new irrigation system. The irrigation design improved coverage to maintain turf health during the dry summer months.

Due to heavy winter storms during the design phase affecting the originally proposed design, the project was placed on hold for nearly four months while the City explored the feasibility of a revised parking lot design. When the City decided to move forward with the project, which involved additional meetings and a new parking lot design, Kluber + Associates was able to perform the additional work within the original budget because of efficient time management, planning and execution from the onset of the project. As a result, the construction documents were submitted within the original budget. Kluber + Associates provided a detailed cost-benefit analysis to the City for synthetic vs. natural turf to assist in their decision on the play-surface material. Kluber + Associates was the Prime Consultant, with a civil sub-consultant, on this project. Stakeholder meetings included the president and two representatives from the West Contra Costa Youth Soccer League.